Paragon City 

  • Presentation of valuable characteristic, And to provide a specific profile for the cities by registration in Paragon City 
  • Paragon City 
    registers the status of the city based on its categories, and that city is published as an independent reference.
Creating a unique space where they can share their experiences and knowledge in regards to city management such as environmental transportation, safety and other social- economical and cultural issues.
A New Approach of Sharing and Communication for City Management Organizations and also Municipalities Worldwide in terms of using city space as a significant source for well-balanced living and more positive and peaceful,  kinder, more loving and more innovative ways.
Presentation of Diverse and Significant Cities around the Globe in 2A Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum] 

Recognition of the valuable cities in the world, based on the previously published definition and parameters of Paragon City.

The prominent list of paragon cities will be provided every year and be declared globally as a unique reference of “Urban Interaction Forum”  across the Globe.

The list could be the key for identifying the most valuable cities as the Paragon City.

Note : To conduct researches and studies over planning an Paragon City in scale of neighboring units, neighborhood, part of the city, city and urban zone will be done.

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