Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]:

Register & Submission 

It creates a unique international forum where Professionals (Academics, Innovates, Architects & Urban designers, Researchers, Scholars band etc.) usually from cities management organizations or municipalities can freely interact, share ideas and viewpoints.
Conveniently, it could lead to the improvement and progress of their profession and urban design & architecture  in general.

Presentation of Diverse and Significant Cities around the Globe in 2A Paragon City 

Recognition of the valuable cities in the world, based on the previously published definition and parameters of Paragon City.

The prominent list of paragon cities will be provided every year and be declared globally as a unique reference of “Urban Interaction Forum”  across the Globe.

The list could be the key for identifying the most valuable cities as the Paragon City.

Who is eligible to register and get the membership? 

  • Experts (Architects, Urban Designers & Urban Planners) when the effectiveness and outcomes of their studies (ideas, plans and development) have been beneficial and effective in the city
  • Municipalities and other city management organization 
Note:Bringing experts and mayers [or official representatives of city management organizations] to cooperate for global harmony and prosperity. 

Rules & Conditions:

– Memberships can submit the cities based on the parameters and join the prominent list of paragon city [Urban Interaction Forum]

– The entries include Four JPG files [Pictures of the Neighborhood, Unit- Neighborhood Community, Part of the City- Cities- District & Area] and text of the city.

– Each city which possesses at least a part of criteria/characteristics [as the parameters of 2A Paragon City] will be approved as a potential candidate to be considered.

– Each submission can be applied only to a single category of the introduction and selection.

Note: Applicants should be an official representative of municipalities of the city where they apply.

– All the presentations will be considered by the board based on the criteria and parameters of an ideal progressive city.

– Presenting certificate of quality to the qualified outstanding presentation in all the sections of Neighborhood Unit- Neighborhood Community, Part of the City, Cities, District & Area.

– The report and valuable points of the selected presentation will be published in our website, 2A Magazine and pages of our social media, it would be a professional reference of the essential core idea in this regard.

– Upon Qualification as a “Paragon City”, Applicants [Municipalities and other City Managements] whose presentations have been selected are eligible to receive a certificate and they could also order symbol Sign and special Memorial Board.

– The prominent list of the members of [Paragon City Urban Interaction Forum] will be published in 2A Magazine and the website.

Note 1: Urban Interaction Forum Supports Actual Inhabitants Cities

Note 2: Below are the Significant Points of the Published Parameters’ Studies for the Selection of a Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]

  • Urban Adaptability, Mobility, Dynamic and Equally
  • Contextual Values
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Genuineness
  • Supporting Sustainable Growth
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Supporting Social & Cultural Values
  • Considering the Needs of Various Ethnic Groups, to Avoid alienations (Respecting Multiculturalism)
  • Regardless of Economic Situation of the Residents
  • They Have Access to Sufficient Level of Educational
  • Recreational and Affordable Healthcare
  • Other Social Services

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    Maximum Number of Files: 5 Maximum size of each file: 6 MB
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