Special Veneration and City Memorial Board


Note 1: Paragon City’s participants can order the Special Veneration and City Memorial Board.

Note 2: When applicants got the membership, they will be considered as applied for special veneration and will be committed to order special veneration and cover the costs, if their case has been selected as Paragon City.

Note 3: “Special Veneration and City Memorial Board” will be presented to the Paragon City’s participants when they get approved based on desired qualities for evaluating Paragon City.

Note 4: below is the price list of the Special Veneration & City Memorial Board.

The City Rating System

All the cases (in the scale of neighborhood unit, part of the city, city or metropolitan area) that are eligible to get the membership of Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum] will be evaluated and rated -in the fields which have been defined in the table below- by an arbitration group including 7 professionals. The average score will be determined and published and the cities will receive a credible certificate which shows their rate in a professional assessment.

The city rate will act as a source for introducing and promoting the city at the international level and will be published in creditable media, especially in tourism fields.

Note: This service will be provided only for the registered members of 2A Paragon City (Urban Interaction

Here is the jury board’s score table for the ranking:

factors Score (0-10)
Cultural diversity and existence of special cultures
Existence of historical elements
Quality of public spaces
Security and safety
Convenient access (diverse and covering transportation system)
Quality of water and air (Low levels of pollutants)
Existence of facilities and services for tourists
Existence of unique physical qualities
Existence of special ecosystem and natural elements