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  • You can Participate in the Paragon City Ranking
  • The Final Ranking will be Declared and the Certification will be Awarded at the Annual Ceremony in the Month of December Every Year.
  • The Name of Your City will Be Added to the Prominent List
  • Invitation for Free Attendance to 2A Paragon City Annual Event.

Special Event: you can Apply as a Mayor to Introduce and Present Your City and Join us at the Special Ceremony which will be Held on the Same Day.

  • The Members who Qualify for the Prominent List will Also have their Article Published in the 2A Magazine.

Each category will receive a rating ( from 1 to 10 ) based on the quality and performance.

Ranking Procedure:

  • The Participant self declares his own assessment of the quality and performance level and state the rating from the scale of 1 to 10.
  • 2A Center of Paragon City principally accepts and considers the participants own assessments as mentioned above.
  • After checking the submitted cities for compliance with the required points from the criteria and various categories, the final rating and ranking will be declared and announced.

The Important Messages of the Center of Paragon City

“Bringing Unique Ideas to Emphasize Global Harmony and Prosperity”
” All the Cities of the World Support and Respect Each Other, Based on the Balanced and Peaceful Life”
“Paragon City as a Significant Source of Interaction Between the Cities’ Municipalities Worldwide”

2A Center of Paragon City and “An Effective Presentation For Awareness of Habitants Rights”

The Effective Points:
  • “The Center for Studies of Urban Development & Well Balanced City” to create an improved living spaces for inhabitants.
  • Using space as a significant source for development and move towards the idea of Paragon City.
  • Identifying and Rethinking cities for focusing on the following values based on the criteria of 2A center of Paragon City and also Global Standards.

“Protecting the Rights of Citizens and Supporting Growth, Prosperity, Progress, Peace, Health, Gender Equality, Justice in Providing Opportunities”


  • Encouraging Cities in the Path of Happiness, Growth, Prosperity and Equality
  • Introducing Paragon Cities As An Emphasis on the Importance of Social Rights of Residents
  • Recognition for the Successful Aspect of the Government Manager of the City and Introducing them As A Professional Model to Support Other Cities.

Annual Ceremony to Honor the Selected Mayors Worldwide 

During the Annual Ceremony of Paragon City, there will also be a unique and special event to honor and present the outstanding accomplishments of the selected Mayors Worldwide

Advantages & Positive Outcome:

  • Setting an example of successful multilevel  municipality management
  • Receiving more international publicity, which leads to increase tourism and economic prosperity
  • People will feel proud to be living in that city and this will lead to increase productivity and the overall well-being of the society


  • Eco-Museum
  • Historical Museum Cities
  • Urban Public Art
  • Educational & University Town
  • Green
  • Smart Cities
  • Innovative
  • Multicultural
  • Inclusive & Accessible (Child Friendly, Age Friendly, Disable Friendly)
  • Recreational & Touristic
  • Other

Selection Criteria:

  • Environmental Consideration
  • Promoting Sustainable Growth and Development
  • Efficient City Management
  • Innovative and Progressive Vision 
  • Supportive of Cultural Activities 
  • Paying Attention to the Needs of Various Ethnic Groups 
  • Assuring Urban Safety and Security 
  • Establishing Urban Adaptability 
  • Creating Enough Recreational Spaces for Generating a Happier Living Environment for the Residents

Note: this activity can be considered as an introduction of distinguished mayors, and it would also be a professional source & reference for presenting their respective cities.