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You will Take Advantage of the Following:

  • Receive Your Membership Card
  • You can Apply to Receive Your Memorial Icon Upon Approval
  • You can Participate in the Paragon City Ranking
  • The Final Ranking will be Declared, and the Certification will be Awarded at the Annual Ceremony in the Month of December Every Year.
  • The Name of Your City will Be Added to the Prominent List
  • Invitation for Free Attendance to 2A Paragon City Annual Event.

Special Event: you can apply as a Mayor to Introduce and Present Your City and Join us at the Special Ceremony, which will be Held on the Same Day.

  • The Members who Qualify for the Prominent List will Also have their Article Published in the 2A Magazine.

Each category will receive a rating (from 1 to 10) based on the quality and performance.

Ranking Procedure:

  • The Participant self declares his own assessment of the quality and performance level and state the rating from the scale of 1 to 10.
  • 2A Center of Paragon City principally accepts and considers the participants own assessments as mentioned above.
  • After checking the submitted cities for compliance with the required points from the criteria and various categories, the final rating and ranking will be declared and announced.