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Annual Ceremony to Honor the Selected Mayors Worldwide 

During the Annual Ceremony of Paragon City, there will also be a unique and special event to honor and present the outstanding accomplishments of the selected Mayors Worldwide

Advantages & Positive Outcome:

  • Setting an example of successful multilevel  municipality management
  • Receiving more international publicity, which leads to increase tourism and economic prosperity
  • People will feel proud to be living in that city and this will lead to increase productivity and the overall well-being of the society


  • Eco-Museum
  • Historical Museum Cities
  • Urban Public Art
  • Educational & University Town
  • Green
  • Smart Cities
  • Innovative
  • Multicultural
  • Inclusive & Accessible (Child Friendly, Age Friendly, Disable Friendly)
  • Recreational & Touristic
  • Other

Selection Criteria:

  • Environmental Consideration
  • Promoting Sustainable Growth and Development
  • Efficient City Management
  • Innovative and Progressive Vision 
  • Supportive of Cultural Activities 
  • Paying Attention to the Needs of Various Ethnic Groups 
  • Assuring Urban Safety and Security 
  • Establishing Urban Adaptability 
  • Creating Enough Recreational Spaces for Generating a Happier Living Environment for the Residents

Note: this activity can be considered as an introduction of distinguished mayors, and it would also be a professional source & reference for presenting their respective cities.

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