Decleration of the Paragon City’s Ranking by 2A Center of Paragon City

2A’s Broader Vision

Selecting and Ranking the Top 10 Cities Based on the Paragon City’s Categories Around the Globe.

Note 1: Even If the Participants City Is Not Placed Among The Top Ten Ranking, Each and Every Participating City’s Qualitative Rating will Be Determined and Announced, Based on the Paragon City’s Categories

Note 2: This Selection will Be Done Every Year.

The Criteria For Paragon City Ranking:

  • Consideration For People Needs, Comfort, Feeling and Overall Well-Being. 
  • Facilitating Educational, Social and Economic Growth. 
  • Environmental Consideration such as Usage of Clean Energy 
  • Effective Transportation System 
  • Supporting Multiculturalism
  • Positive Social Integration Among Various Classes
  • Cultural and Historical Heritage
  • Possessing and Supporting Positive and Joyful Living
  • Green and National Landscape
  • Hub For International Interaction and Gatherings

 Note 1: the organizing committee recommends that the applicant should choose one of the categories which matches the most with their city. 

The characteristic mentioned above are the collective aspects of an ideal paragon city, however, it does not mean that each and every city should possess all these characteristics and qualities. 

A city may have only a few of these mentioned attributes.
Note 2: you must be a register member of paragon city in order to participate in the paragon city ranking. 

Note 3: Please complete the special registration form for paragon city ranking.

Application Form for Paragon City Ranking

Submission date: January 1st to March 31th, 2023

Note: The Final Ranking will be declared in the month of October every year