Certificate & Paragon City’s Symbolic Sign

Paragon City’s Symbolic Sign (City Memorial Board)

  • Based on the consideration of the applicant’s cities and according to the criteria and desired qualities of Paragon City, And Upon approval of an applicant, the selected paragon City will be added to the prominent list as a member of “Urban Interaction Forum” and the member’s representative will receive the Certificate and Paragon City’s Symbolic Sign (City Memorial Board).
  • The ceremony of introduction of Paragon City will be held annually and the prominent list of the Paragon City will be published in the 2A Magazine, the website etc.
  • Based on the plan of the organization of 2A Center of Paragon City, The large scale of the Paragon City’s Symbolic Sign would be available to make and install in urban space of the city as the unique symbolic sign of Parag City

Note: The organization of 2A Center of Paragon City will assess, and the city rating based on the studies of desired qualities will be provided in this matter, And the following assessment table will be considered to simplify its procedure.
Under this situation, The professionals and experts will be invited to score in this matter.

Assessment Table:

FactorsScore (0-10)
Cultural diversity and the existence of special cultures
Existence of historical elements
Quality of public spaces
Security and safety
Convenient access (diverse and covering transportation system)
Quality of water and air (Low levels of pollutants)
Existence of facilities and services for tourists
Existence of unique physical qualities
Existence of special ecosystem and natural elements