2A Symbolic Sign & Certificate

2A Certificate of Quality, Symbolic Sign of Ideal 

The selected presentations will receive the following free services from the side of organizer [Center for Studies of Urban Development, 2A Academy of Innovative Ideas in Architecture and 2A Magazine]:

  •  Inviting professionals as representatives of the selected presentations at the annual ceremony, they will deliver a brief speech and share the highlight points during the event.
  •  Certificate of the Quality
  •  Symbolic sign of “Ideal”


Special Memorial Board of “Paragon City” (optional)

Upon qualification as a “Paragon City”, Applicants whose presentation has been selected can also decide to receive the 2A Special Memorial Board by ordering it.


The Submission is always available for applicants and a report of the selection cities will be informed after one month and it will be also published in the 2A website,  there is an annual ceremony for the formal declaration of the selected cities on July 25th every year.


  The board will rate the cities based on the judging criteria. The qualified cities will be chosen.

Copyright Policy

By submitting the cities to “Paragon Cities” you will give us (2A Magazine) the permission to publish and share your project in our website and display in the annual ceremony, on the other hand, All the information about the cities submitted to 2A Paragon City have been provided by this 2A activity and they are the copyright holder in this regard for publishing.

If there is any miscount, mistake or lack of credits regarding the researchers and others, 2A Magazine has NO obligation and the issue concerns the participants directly.

Note: All the information submitted to the magazine has been provided by the applicants & participants , hence, the responsibility of the third party liability lies with the Paragon City.