2A Magazine introduces an initiative “2A Center of Paragon City” as “Center for Studies of Well- Balanced City” for Exploring & Rethinking the Positive Ambiance around the Living with the Identifying and Rethinking cities for focusing on the values of “Protecting the Rights of Citizens and Supporting Growth, Prosperity, Progress, Peace, Health, Gender Equality, Justice in Providing Opportunities” with the presentation of the essence and characteristic of cities via the 2A Paragon City Prominent List

Why Did 2A Magazine Decide to Make out “Center of Paragon City”?

Urban developments can be defined in different contexts, with different approaches, and can affect people’s lives in several ways. Various tools, including urban design, urban planning, architecture, social and economic science, urban management, etc., should be used together to make the potentials of the city bloom and help reinforcement of the strengths and inhibition of the weak points.

The aim of the 2A Magazine of introducing the Paragon City is to create a cycle for upgrading cities’ situation. On one hand, the cities that are suitable for defining as Paragon City will be announced globally and this will help their branding and make their development easier. In the long-term, this will lead to a competition between cities, to gain Paragon City title and for that aim, the title and for that aim, they will try to improve the city in every urban dimension and developments. On the other hand, by studying the characteristics of prominent cities, we can obtain the patterns to solve other similar cities’ problems.

Paragon city has been considered as an ideal reference to help urban designers and planners to take steps in the way that help the city to flourish and solve its problems. Paragon City is an urban interaction forum, which works by the participation of creative designers, urban management institutions, municipalities, and other related organizations. In this forum, we seek solutions to the most complicated urban problems and ways to answer people’s needs in responsive and cost-effective forms.

The results of living in such Paragon City are helping the citizens of those cities to become more peaceful, less stressed and as a result, avoid dissipation of their creative energy and allow them to live in more positive, loving, and innovative ways. In such a city, every part of the society in every age group can have the opportunity to grow and Flourish.


Urban planning and design are part of the tools for leading urban developments and solving urban problems on different scales, including metropolitans to towns and villages. One of the central aims of using these tools is to attain the art of creating places. Urban design and planning can help city leaders to take steps in the path of sustainable development. Urban design and planning can clarify the path to create a balance between the goals and visions of a district, and its resources and restrictions, by affecting and being affected with different urban dimensions such as formal, economic, social, and environmental. They also create a scaffold for the alliance between the local governments, the private sector, and the community.

The 2A Magazine introduces an initiative “Paragon City – Urban Interaction Forum” or “Center for Studies of Urban Development & Well Balanced City” to create an improved in-habitat for inhabitants from all over the world. With this, we establish a framework that helps leaders make over the vision into an accomplishment, using space as a significant source for development as well as engaging stakeholders along the way. To move towards the idea of paragon city, we need designers with brilliant minds, who can present the solution for solving complicated urban problems.


Paragon city is a major, modern city that combines the past with energy and liveliness. in “Paragon City”, architecture, public space, sustainability, social justice, transportation, and other features of city life are working together to create a space that willfully addresses every urban issue and their citizen’s needs.
The vision of the center of paragon city is to create an “urban interaction forum” to present a framework for recognizing and introducing cities all over the world, in the format of Paragon City. The 2A Magazine intends to make people around the world aware of the existence of such cities, by introducing them. This can lead to developments in those cities and clarify them as an ideal model for similar cities to move forward to the situation that can make them introduced as Paragon City. In the next steps, it can help cities to solve their problems, by offering them the patterns and criteria of Paragon cities. This can also create a competition for development between cities.

Creating A Brighter Future Together

(The Messages from 2A Center of Paragon City)

  • Building A More Unified Human Community, Through Networking and Smoother Communications
  • Through Networking and Connecting of Various Social Classes Together
  • Unifying Various Social Classes Together By Emphasizing On their Commonalities While Respecting Their Differences

Ahmad Zohadi
Founder & Director