2A International Mayor of the Year Award

Based on the 2A Magazine’s activities, Another activity of 2A Center of Paragon City is “2A International Mayor of the Year Award”  In fact, the city of selected Mayer of “International Mayor of the Year” is also belong to the permanent list of center of paragon city

Advantages & Positive Outcome:

  • Setting an example of successful multilevel  municipality management
  • Receiving more international publicity, which leads to increase tourism and economic prosperity
  • People will feel proud to be living in that city and this will lead to increase productivity and the overall well-being of the society


  • Eco-Museum
  • Historical Museum Cities
  • Urban Public Art
  • Educational & University Town
  • Green
  • Smart Cities
  • Innovative
  • Multicultural
  • Inclusive & Accessible (Child Friendly, Age Friendly, Disable Friendly)
  • Recreational & Touristic
  • Other

Selection Criteria:

  • Environmental Consideration
  • Promoting Sustainable Growth and Development
  • Efficient City Management
  • Innovative and Progressive Vision
  • Supportive of Cultural Activities
  • Paying Attention to the Needs of Various of Ethnic Groups
  • Assuring Urban Safety and Security
  • Establishing Urban Adaptability
  • Satisfaction of Residence Form his Performance
  • Creating Enough Recreational Spaces for Creating a Happier Living Environment for the Residents

Based on the organization plan, the 2A Magazine will invite the nominators for the cities introduction and recognition and the advisory board will be invited.

Note: The international mayors will be selected and awarded in each category and their cities will be also published as the member of the center of paragon city in 2A magazine